About Adrian Stacey

I was born in London and although I love the city I have always had a deep routed desire to travel. At 23, a long, Long time ago now, I packed my bags for a year long trip around the world. On reaching Australia I decided to try Scuba Diving for the first time. I had many amazing experiences on my travels but none came close to Suba Diving.

After returning to London I settled back into the 9-5 routine but after a few years it became clear that this was not the life for me. The lure of the Ocean eventually proved too strong and I became a PADI instructor in 2003. I have always had an interest in photography and the prospect of combining it with diving was a mouth-watering one. I purchased a Sony point and shoot and later upgraded to a DSLR.

Now I travel around the world offering my services as an underwater photographer and working as a freelance photo Journalist for Sport Diver Magazine. The challenges of shooting underwater makes capturing a great image all the more rewarding and there is never any shortage of interesting and unusual subject matter. Needless to say I love my job!

Adrian Stacey photo